About us

Amyantek began with a simple idea, to bring highly skilled technical resources and match them to the best roles and organizations to achieve the perfect Harmony for success. We consistently strive to exceed our clients and candidates expectations by leveraging our unique expertise in both the technical and business understanding Integrity Trust and Ethics are held to the highest standards at Amyantek. We expect and ensure that these values are also present in our clients and candidates. We provide value to the clients by bringing the best solutions performed by highly skilled and experienced professionals who deliver every time.

We live in a dynamic almost fluctuating society, where systems, hierarchies and attitudes to life and work are evolving rapidly and there is demand of acceleration in more formal approaches and analysis for recruitment to remain effective and competitive for skills and talent.

The days for post and hope are clearly over and the complexity of varying roles in the hierarchy has been clearly demarcated by dividing the marketing function into niches. We aim to design a comprehensive recruitment strategy based on trends, technology and metrics established by our extensive market research. It will also highlight why a Recruitment Marketing Platform is the perfect technology solution to manage, execute and measure your entire recruitment and sourcing strategy.

We intend to apply more sources than ever before, to find qualified candidates, marketing to them effectively and keeping them engaged with your company by overcoming challenges such as over saturation and a multi-channel approach. In order to present the most qualified and specialized candidates to our clients, we have a predictive screening process that will be custom designed based entirely on the dynamics of the enterprise and the individual requirements of each role.

Recruitment marketing success is contingent on forging the right relationships and having a long-term recruitment marketing strategy that enables us to emphatically state our uniqueness and niche specialty.Organizations now have an abundance of sources and opportunities for attracting talent from the job boards, career sites, LinkedIn, email, print ads,career fairs, and other methods of proactive sourcing. At Amyantek we intend to create customized mixes of the listed as well as creating our own individual strategies to ensure allocation of the best talent to the target company.

Exploring our niche area a little closer, while many markets face a slow recovery, there are a few truly bright spots in the job market, particularly in the Ontario job market. One of the brightest spots of all is in technology. The IT market is continuing to grow and outpace the rest of the economy.

The best IT consultants are the type who live and breathe technology and are always looking to learn new things. At Amyantek, giving IT consultants opportunities to challenge themselves, and develop their skills in the right direction will be our top priority.


We make it a point to scan our database and industry portals to find human resource and design proposal that will give you a open field of material to fill your organization's needs.


Our professionals have years of experience and we only deal with applicants who have relevant experience in your field.
Our screening process is extensive and selective , we interview the applicants first before we present them to you


Once that the recruitment process is finished we continue to offer our consultant services to help you retain and establish your employees and help them through the adjustment as well as explaining each organizations individual dynamics.


IT consultants are in high demand – and that’s not likely to change anytime soon. If your company utilizes IT consultants the first thing to do is align yourself with a recruiting firm you trust. In competitive times, we at Amanytek are looking for long term relationships and would be your consultants of choice from start to finish

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